Frequently Asked Questions

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What is INstore by INscribe Digital (INstore)? Back to top
INstore is a tool you can use to track the live status of your eBooks on major retailers (iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more). You can add your releases to INstore to get up-to-the-minute live statuses and it will periodically re-scan on its own.
How should I use INstore? Back to top
You can use INstore for anything from doing simple real-time scans of individual eBooks to a more 'catalog maintenance' approach...load up your catalog into INstore and be able to track links, status, and takedowns up to the minute.
What kind of products can I add to INstore? Back to top
INstore can scan major retailers (iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more) for any standard eBooks. As it uses the books ISBN, it can then feed back the ASIN and Apple ID information back to you, as well as current status.
How do I add my eBooks to INstore? Back to top
Click the "+Add eBooks" button at the top left of INstore's main eBook page. You'll be prompted to enter the Name, ISBN, Authors and Publisher (only the first three are required). Once you click the Create EBook button you'll either be notified of any issues like missing fields or an incomplete UPC, or that the eBook was created successfully. At this point you can enter another eBook or go back to the eBooks page.
What does a green box with an arrow mean? Back to top
That means your book is live, and that you can view the retailer’s page in a new tab in your browser. Just click on the green box, and you’ll see the title pop up on the retailer’s sites.
What does a green check mean? Back to top
A green check means your eBook is live! While we cannot guarantee the results, a green check is a very reliable indicator that your eBook is indeed live. Occasionally, a retailer can not send back a link, but can confirm status, which is why it is not a popup window.
What does an exclamation mark status mean? Back to top
An exclamation mark indicates that INstore has not made an exact determination about the eBook's live status at the present time. If you encounter this status, it is best to refresh the eBook individually, try again later, or confirm the status manually at the retailer.
What does a red X mean? Back to top
The red X means your eBook likely is not live. This status can be less accurate than "live" statuses for a few important reasons, which are outlined in the next questioned.
What does a dash status mean? Back to top
A dash indicates that INstore has not performed any scans on the product yet. You'll usually see this immediately after you load a new product into INstore. You can manually refresh a title by clicking the refresh button in that instance.
How does INstore determine the status if my release is live in some territories but not others? Back to top
INstore will return a 'live' status only if the release is live in the US. If the release is NOT live in the US, it will return a 'not live' status. INstore will expand into additional territories eventually.
My eBook is actually live, why is it showing a 'not live' (red X) status? Back to top
Generally speaking, if you know an eBook has been delivered to one of the retailers shown in INstore, it's a good practice to check the store to confirm any negative statuses. This is because the requirements for getting a 'match' with a product that is live on one of the sites are rather strict. Slight differences between what you entered and what is displayed on the eBook on the sites can trigger false negative status results. A frequent cause of inaccurate results is incorrectly entered eBook data. The data entered must closely match what was entered during upload to your digital distributor or directly to the service. Take extra care with punctuation and special characters (&, -, #, ?, etc), multiple author separation (if entering multiple authors, separate each with a comma, if a compound author, type exactly as uploaded,) and always double check that the ISBN is entered correctly. For content that has JUST gone live, for instance the morning of its release date, there can be a lag before the retailer returns accurate results to INstore. So if you are eagerly awaiting the status of your new eBook on the morning of the release INstore, please keep in mind the slightly higher chance of a false negative result. We highly recommend clicking “refresh” on any titles where you see an unexpected negative.
Do I really have to check the stores when I see a 'not live' (red X) status for my eBook? Back to top
Aside from the considerations outlined in the answer to the previous question, there's another big reason to check out your eBook directly on the store if INstore tells you it's not live. Some retailers may not display an eBook exactly as it was uploaded. You may see two words combined into one compound word, a special character not displaying quite right, or an "A" or "The" could even be added or removed! So although INstore may not be returning a truly accurate result in a case like this (your eBook is technically live, after all), it has helped you identify a display problem on the site.
What if I don't have the ISBN for my eBook? Back to top
ISBN is one of the most important identifying traits of your eBook. To ensure the most accurate results INstore requires that you enter the ISBN (as well as Author and Title). If you don't know what your eBook's ISBN is, please contact your record Publisher or digital distributor.